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This English born in Wigan, northwest England, in 1979, is one of the most important artists on the street art scene.

Eelus left his hometown and moved to London in 2000. At that time, artists like Banksy and Ben Eine already had a major artistic presence and street art began to gain a foothold in the greatest galleries. When the workshop Pictures on Walls gave Eelus the opportunity to promote his first graphic work, it ended up being sold almost immediately, making it clear that Eelus had entered the art scene going strong. This allowed the artist to quit his job to concentrate on his artistic creations professionally.

Eelus has exhibited in many American and European galleries alongside other urban artists such as Faile, Nick Walker, Banksy, Ben Eine, D-Face or Shepard Fairey. His limited editions are highly desired by collectors and every time any of his works are released they are sold within minutes.

Eelus currently lives in Brighton. The artist finds inspiration in the culture of cinema and literature and is now experiencing new ways of creation between sculpture and painting based on layers of paper, without leaving aside the limited edition prints and spraying graffiti on large murals.

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