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European Bob

With a bright future, this young English artist, born in East London has to its credit numerous exhibitions in galleries around the world in which his work has been exhibited along with other such renowned urban artists such as Banksy, Shepard Fairey or Ben Eine.

Little is known about European Bob, despite being a true fan of social networks in which the artist keeps his followers updated about his new creations and upcoming releases of his limited editions.

European Bob is inspired and passionate about many things; art, film, photography, fashion or typography, all are sources of creation for this artist. As he says, growing up in an area of the British capital where the streets are decorated by numerous and varied graffiti and stencils has only made more natural the fact of becoming himself a participant in the urban landscape and to go and make their own work.

His creation process begins with a sudden idea in which he begins working on a notebook. Once the first draft is drawn, European Bob uses the computer as an ally and tweaks the image until he is satisfied with it. Later creates templates that will make his stencils, then cuts them, usually a few times, and finally performs several tests with different spray colours and textures. The result of this process will become a limited edition print or a unique canvas.

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