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Nick Walker

Nick Walker is one of the most renowned urban artists of the moment. Born in Bristol, UK, in 1969 is one of the major references when speaking of the early graffiti.

His early outdoors works appear in the 80's, in his native Bristol. Seeing that most of them ended up being destroyed, in the 90s, Nick Walker decided to start creating works on canvas to be exhibited indoor. His work combines the art of the stencil with manual labour because, according to the artist himself, this allows him to juxtapose photography and with the spontaneity of graffiti.

If there is a characteristic feature in Walker's work, it is the touch of humour that often accompanies his creations, usually full of irony and social criticism. But we can also find in many of his works, especially in "The morning after" series, a character named "Vandal". This is a mysterious man in a suit with a bowler hat and an umbrella who presumably is the one to blame for giving colour to the urban landscapes that the artist represents.

Nick Walker has worked in the world of film, music and fashion. To mention some of his most important contributions, Stanley Kubrick requested his services to recreate the graffiti on the streets of New York in his movie "Eyes Wide Shut". We can also find Walker’s creations, specifically the work entitled "Vandal", as part of the scenario in the video of the hit single "I Gotta Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas.

In constant enhancement, the art of Nick Walker broke records in 2006 at London Bonhams Auction House, where his work entitled "Mona Lisa" reached a hammer price of 54,000 pounds.

We can find the art of Nick Walker in large collections worldwide and his works have been exhibited in collective shows sharing walls with outstanding artists such as Andy Warhol or Takashi Murakami.

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