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Otto Schade

Otto Schade, also known as "Osch", is a Chilean artist of German descent. Born in 1971, he began his academic education studying architecture at the University of Bio Bio in Concepción. At this Chilean city is where Osch gets his career tille city and begins to work in important architecture studios and participates in greater projects.

His passion for fine arts makes him abandon his career as an architect to focus on painting and sculpture, to which he is fully dedicated since 1996. Otto Schade has had plenty of solo exhibitions around the world, from his native Chile to Germany, United States, Japan, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Russia, France and England.

Otto Schade's work is strongly influenced by movements as diverse as abstraction, surrealism, pop art or graffiti. Some of his works are based on patterns formed by ribbons, and have an important surreal component that can be rapidly appreciated.

His style is characterized for being clean, defined and detailed. He is also a master in the usage of colors and shades. Otto Shade has a broad technical knowledge and this allows him to create his works using from traditional media such as oil or acrylic on canvas or paper to spray paint and stencil on large murals.

Otto Schade currently resides in London and many of his works are a must visit for anyone who makes an urban art tour along the British capital. Perhaps his mural "The Kiss" is the most important one because it was the first that drew a public attention to the work of this artist. Moreover, this work is one of the first to be done in the then decaying working-class district of Shoreditch, which is today the epicentre of the latest trends in design and culture.

Like many urban artists, a number of his works have political overtones. According to the artist, whose childhood was deeply influenced by the dictatorship of Pinochet, creating works on the walls allows him to reach the audience and convey a message that make us think and reflect on something, he believes, doesn’t work well.

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