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Patricia Lazcano Irazazábal

Patricia Lazcano Irazazábal graduated in Fine Arts in 1994, specializing in painting. Since then, she has exhibited her work in various institutions, art galleries and other spaces. She has also participated in courses and competitions, always related to painting.

In 2010 the artist bought a country house in the Portuguese Alentejo, where she moved her studio. That moment marked a before and after in her career. Since then, Patricia Lazcano has put painting aside to focus on finding a way of working that is in harmony with the natural environment in which she finds herself.

This new path in her career began with the collection and manipulation of elements of nature discovered in the Alentejo and other environments, which have become the main object of development in her work.

"Observing the nature of a place over time has changed my perception of it and my focus." - Patricia Lazcano Irazazábal

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