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Snik is an artistic duo with over ten years of career. Initially formed by Nick in 2005, he teamed up with his other half, Laura, at the end of 2014.

Although both members are university graduates, none of them attended career in fine arts. However, for Snik art has always been present in their lives and despite their artistic skills they never imagined they would end up traveling around the world doing it. Constantly researching and improving their technique, Snik's work evolves towards ever more complex and larger pieces.

Like Roamcouch, Snik develops the stencil technique to the unimaginable. Being two components that team up together makes them have the ability to create works that would be impossible for just one person.

Snik's creative process is based on a huge amount of hours not only drawing and creating stencils but also cutting them by hand. This incredibly meticulous work, as they describe it, has a certain obsessive component. Once the artwork is created, they seek a place to express it. Sometimes this process can be quite long but thanks to the versatility of spray paint, it makes constraints on media quite scarce. Alike other artists such as Martin Whatson, Snik usually choose decadent places to beautify with their works. The result is always spectacular.

Regarding their style, it stands out, in addition to the use of stencil technique as mentioned above, for a realistic image which usually has a female figure as the main character. The colors are bright in contrast with dark backgrounds that give the image a touch of mystery, loneliness and sadness. The intricate detail of their work recalls the classic fine art in which the set of lights and shadows and the meticulousness to represent hair or textures of fabrics play a major role. Breaking the boundaries of stencil and using multiple media, Snik has as one of their main goals, to demonstrate that the stencil technique is complex and has many nuances and that is why it must have the recognition it deserves.

We can find many Snik murals in their native Britain, Germany, Spain, Holland, France or the United States among other countries. But not only in murals can we find the work of Snik. They had their first solo exhibition in 2011 at the London gallery The Gallery and since then have not stopped working. Snik's works can be found in paintings and graphic works. Their latest limited editions of "Souls Apart" and "We are all falling" sold out really fast. It is also important to mention that within the work of this duo, are highly valued by collectors the collaborations with other artists. Mainly highlight their collaborations with Martin Whatson since they have teamed up with this Norwegian on several occasions.

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