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Werner Berges

Werner Berges (born December 7, 1941) has become the benchmark of the German pop-art par excellence.

He was trained in fine arts at the University of Bremen between 1960 and 1963. After this phase he would complete his studies at the University of Berlin until 1968.

During this stay in Berlin, Berges became a member of Großgörschen 35, one of the first cooperative art galleries that have ever existed and that was built in an old factory in Berlin-Schöneberg. Here is where he made his first solo exhibitions.

Werner Berges soon excels on German art during the 60s. His work is full of colour and simple shapes, characteristics of pop art that clashed with the post-war German art of the moment.

The woman has a main importance; his works portrays models and celebrities from the world of advertising and fashion over backgrounds of primary colours decorated with dots, stripes, plain shades and collages.

His work has been recognized on several occasions, among which highlights the Oldenburg Foundation Award won in 1970 and the Regional Prize in Basel awarded in 1981.

Werner Berges currently lives and works between Schallstadt near Freiburg / Breisgau in Germany and Cadaques in Spain.

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