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Antonio López

Antonio López García was born in 1936 in Tomelloso, Ciudad Real, Spain. He moved from his hometown to Madrid in 1949 to prepare the entrance examination to join the School of Fine Arts of San Fernando. There, López would attend his studies between 1950 and 1955.

He developed his activity between Tomelloso and Madrid until 1960.

Salvador Dalí's work influenced his work in the 50s, when drawing dominates painting while mixing fantasy with an accused taste for reality.

During the 60's, López developes greater interest for loyalty in representation, acquiring a sense as a reality researcher. He feels predilection for nearby items, home scenes, images of his family, his wife and two daughters. Objects and events of everyday life will be the main characters of his paintings and deals with a huge photographic attention to detail. López's production is also rich in Madrid views and elements taken from nature itself.

The creation process of this artist is slow, meticulous and very thoughtful. His paintings are performed during several years and are constantly tweaked until they are finished. According to the artist: "A work is never done you simply reach the limit of your own potential" or "When you're painting a street, for example, what you're seeing is so extraordinarily impressive that, to me, it's really hard to take a part of that move. Thats what makes me take so long. I can not solve all the spectacle quickly "

His work is interesting both in painting and sculpture, and today López is considered as the main representative of the Spanish contemporary realism.

In 1985 he was awarded the Prince of Asturias Award and in January 1993, was appointed member of the Royal Academy of San Fernando.

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