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Being very young, Beejoir started in the graffiti world without any intention of being professionally dedicated to art. His sculpture LV Child, launched him to the great galleries and gained a big international recognition. This work represents a malnourished child covered with the haute couture Louis Vuitton’s logo. Since then, his work follows the same path: it is provocative, irreverent and very powerful.

Beejoir dominates various artistic techniques and his works can be found both in sculpture, painting, printmaking, stencil or facilities. The sources of inspiration for this artist coming from the company itself, the prevailing capitalism today, television and many other artists whose work contains a simple but clear message.

Beejoir's work has been acquired by important personalities from the film and music and can find his work in many galleries throughout the world.

This English artist born in the north coast of Devon currently resides in Bangkok, Thailand.

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