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Ernest Zacharevic

This young Lithuanian artist, born in 1986 and also known as Zach, is one of the biggest urban artists. He is currently living in Penang, Malaysia, where he is already a celebrity and where most of the murals painted by this artist are concentrated.

Ernest Zacharevic has extensive training in fine arts and traditional painting. He graduated with a university degree at the National School of Graphic Arts in the city of Vilnius in 2005, did  a printing and graphic creation course in the same city a year later and then moved to London to graduate with honors at the school of fine arts at Middlesex University in 2009. So Zacharevic, unlike many urban artists, doesn’t have his greatest influence and his beginnings in graffiti and street art, even though he admits that it is a great source of inspiration. His greatest motivation to work in the streets is what leads many to do the same: leave aside the exclusivity of the gallery, only accessible to a part of the population, to reach a wider audience and less segmented.

If something stands out of this artist is his work of investigation prior to each of his works. When performing works on the outside he previously explores the location, surroundings, takes pictures of the place, and studies the people that walk around the area and that would be the audience… he leaves nothing to chance. When creating his artworks, Zacharevic does not hesitate to use any possible media and so paint has as companion a bike, a motorbike, a shopping cart, a shrub, a window...

Ernest Zacharevic works have been exhibited in many galleries in the United States, United Kingdom, Portugal, Thailand...

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