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Felipe Pantone

A reminiscence from the past 80s but with the most technologic touch, that’s where we can find the work by Argentinian born Felipe Pantone.

Coming from the graffiti scene, in which the artist’s goal is to be more noticed than the others, Pantone chose the most certain color palette which is now his trademark: black and white with saturated colors. His compositions are a statement of todays lifestyle, fast and connected where everyone wants everything now.

Felipe Pantone is used to develop his works to be displayed in such different kind of media. As a young graffiti artist, used to painting on walls, trains or buses, who would’ve thought he would end up creating designs for F1 cars, planes, huge wall buildings and having his own solo shows at the greatest galleries worldwide.

The fact is that the work of this artist is constantly evolving, product of his curiosity and research on subjects such as light, movement, interaction or technology.

Venezuelan abstract master Cruz-Diez was a turning point in his career. Always admiring his work and the use of colors with geometrical patterns, Pantone was invited to work at Cruz-Diez studio for a few months where he not only learnt about techniques but also about how to work with a team. Until then he had worked alone, getting involved in all aspects of a work, now Felipe Pantone has a team of 8 people that help him taking care of details and logistics, which means more time for the artist to research and create new projects.

Felipe Pantone’s trademark consists on straight lines with geometric patterns in black and white that share space with powerful and colorful gradients, but his latest work gets rid of the black and white patterns to study color and the way it incurs in materials as aluminium or plexiglass. His kinetic structures are intended to be moved by the viewer who is the one that provides the final touch to the work, thus encouraging participation and connection between the public and the artist through the work itself.

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