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This young artist currently living in London, United Kingdom, is now one of the most renowned contemporary artists of urban art. He has exhibited his works worldwide, from Los Angeles to Melbourne and in all of his shows his pieces have been sold out pretty fast.

His work is really elaborated and in it we can appreciate the influence of other artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein or Mimmo Rotella . In between pop art and manga, his work studies erotic, sensuality, power and innocence through the woman shape. His modern geishas intimidate the viewer with an empty look and are portrayed in a collage background, very colourful and chaotic, that mixes graffiti, painting and screen printing.

Hush’s work is a reference for urban art writers and his creations can be found in publications such as “Street Knowledge” by Harper Collins or “The Street Art Stencil Book” by Laurence King Publishing.

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