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Kenny Random

Andrea Coppo, better known as Kenny Random, is an Italian street artist born in Padova in 1971. With an extensive background in graphic design, began to do work for various advertising agencies in the early 90s His experience in the marketing industry has led him to live in cities like London and Miami, where he has worked for major in textile, sports and television companies.

Although only a few know who he is, in his hometown Kenny Random is a celebrity. There are many murals throughout Padova decorating the streets with this artist’s works. Many of these creations already have a few years but is such Kenny Random’s recognition that, although some of the buildings painted by the artist have required reforms, his works have been protected by the council itself.

Like Nick Walker, Kenny Random has created a dark character that is usually accompanied by his cat and is committed to beautify the city releasing butterflies, birds, clouds, rainbow and bubbles of vibrant colors. The work of this artist is delicate, elegant and speaks for itself throughout the image and a carefully chosen location. His style is very unique and very recognizable, halfway between graffiti, pop art and illustration.

It is no wonder that Kenny Random is so appreciated by their Italian neighbours. In December 2012 he created an initiative called "The Gift". Through social networks (in which he several thousands of followers) the artist uploaded 32 photos of some of his works placed in certain parts of the city as clues. The one who found any of these works was free to keep it. So Kenny Random won, besides the gratitude by the lucky finder, a huge publicity.

It is not very common to see many works by this artist for sale because he doesn’t do many creations for the private and because his works are quickly sold to art collectors. One of them is the Russian billionaire and chairman of Chelsea FC Abramovich, who acquired a work by Kenny Random in 2011.

Besides turning his native city walls into an art gallery, we can find his works available in limited edition prints, but also in merchandising products like t-shirts, posters or household goods.

This artist also has to his credit a book entitled "Lies" in which we can find over 400 detailed images of his outside and inside works, drawings and sketches.

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