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Oscar Oiwa

Oscar Oiwa is an artist of Japanese descent born in Brazil in 1965. He completed his degree in Fine Arts at the School of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Sao Paulo in 1989. Once his studies were finished in 1991, he moved to Tokyo. After spending more than a decade there, the artist obtained a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2002 and since then his permanent residence is established in New York.

He earned his first solo exhibition when he was still a student and soon after participated in the Sao Paulo Biennial in 1991. Oiwa has held nearly 60 solo exhibitions worldwide since 1990, mainly in museums in Japan.

His work is a clear representation of the cultural interchange and the globalization of today, since it has legacies from the traditional Japanese culture and from the most contemporary manga or comic designs, but there is also a clear presence of the Western impressionism, the massive urbanism of the greatest capitals of the world and even has elements taken from science fiction cinema. Therefore, Oiwa's work is a portrait of the reality of today seen from multiple points of view that define the world created by this artist.

It is worth to mention a characteristic feature of Oscar Oiwa's work, straight influenced by South American literature of writers like García Márquez or Isabel Allende; the meticulous description of the elements that form each work, some realists and others nearly fantastic, flow in harmony and, as in the works of these writers, the possible and the inexplicable coexist natural and unexpectedly.

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