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Prefab77 is a collective of artist coming from the North of England, California and New York whose beginnings date back to 1997. Even though all of them have a fine art training, their works have a more graphic character, as the all have worked as designers to major industry corporations.

Their works may have a political aspect and sometimes anti establishment but always seek the beauty and aesthetics in all their compositions Many of Prefab77 pieces study the iconography and the form of women as the main subject and the power it has in the most traditional art, fashion or music. Besides, their works usually have a cryptic component with powerful messages hidden in between multiple designs careful to the extreme.

These three artists work with multiple mediums, some of the most commonly used shall be acrylic, spray paint, wheatpaste or varnish and these are used both for outside works as well as for works on other medias such as canvas, paper or wood.

Limited editions by Prefab77 are extraordinary with an impeccable care on the finishings that can easily be appreciated.

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