Nick Smith

Nick Smith

Nick Smith is a contemporary artist known for his pixel art. Smith experiments with the relationship between image and pixel, fine art and popular culture in his creations.

For over a decade, Smith has been perfecting his artistic style; playing with abstraction and collage in 2011, he recreated Warhol's iconic Marilyn using only colour swatches, marking the beginning of his artistic career and unique style.

By employing and experimenting with colour swatches, Smith explores the intersection between image and word. The combination of language and image allows him to explore the relationship between contemporary cultural icons and art historical concepts, as the text is often narrative, encouraging the viewer to delve beyond the visual.

Words are placed below or between the colour swatches, interrupting the white space between the colour fragments. This additional element of language complements the image, bringing the viewer into the work, literally.

From large to micro, Smith's works play with scale. The pixelated 'image' is only visible from a distance, while the words can only be read up close. This experimentation with perspective allows the viewer to interact with his works in a tangible and direct way, provoking contemplation.

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