Name: Roamcouch

Birth date: 26/10/1976

Birth place: Japan

Roamcouch is a Japanese artist born in Gifu in 1976. This young artist was working in design industry before fully commit himself to art.

His work is characterized by cityscapes coloured with the same tonality and with different colour touches that come from natural elements such as rain, stars or rainbows.

His work is developed with stencils and spray paint. Roamcouch is a thorough artist and his work is highly elaborated. Some of his works have taken him over a year of production, and this is because he creates each layer by hand. He previously does the drawing on it and then cuts the excess with a cutter blade. He has made up to 50 of these elaborated stencils for a single work and with each of this layers he gets the effect of depth, colour and realism he pursues for the overall.

Roamchouch has shown his work in many countries worldwide such as Norway, Japan or United States. In addition to this he has had the chance to work along with other artists like Martin Whatson.

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C/ Sagunto 16

28010 Madrid


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Telephone 1: +34 915323371

Telephone 2: +34 699939909

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