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  • 01/05/2015

    Essential urban art festivals for 2015

    No matter the continent where we are, 2015 is a year in which many urban art festivals are held. Thanks to them, we can enjoy the creations of established and emerging artists in a public environment and outdoors.

    More and more cities are joining this boom to be re-launched as a tourist destination, renew the city and promote the arts. Artists from various nationalities are concentrated in a few days to promote a common cultural project and exchange views and ideas.

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  • 01/02/2013

    Luis Gordillo's print selection at Calcografía Nacional

    The Spanish artist Luis Gordillo, whom has been recently given the Spanish Graphic Arts National Award 2012, shows at Calcografía Nacional a selection of works formed by many prints made on various techniques created from the 70’s to present. Throughout his career, Gordillo has stand up for experimentation, both creative and technical, trying to avoid being framed on one single movement.

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