Luis Gordillo's print selection at Calcografía Nacional

Luis Gordillo's print selection at Calcografía Nacional

The Spanish artist Luis Gordillo, whom has been recently given the Spanish Graphic Arts National Award 2012, shows at Calcografía Nacional a selection of works formed by many prints made on various techniques created from the 70’s to present. Throughout his career, Gordillo has stand up for experimentation, both creative and technical, trying to avoid being framed on one single movement.

Gordillo understands printmaking as an open process, where progressive variations break up the unity of the work. Throughout repetition and experimentation he creates many versions of the same artwork where colors are mixed with compositions. As he says “the artwork itself is valuable but I have rather choose series that make a set”. In this exhibition we can find some of his most famous sets such as: Grupo 15 (1979), Celulario (1995), Manesi (1995) or Manet S.A. (2004).

Another key aspect in Luis Gordillo’s printmaking and that is obvious on this show is the importance that the artist gives to the technical process. On this creative process, Gordillo values in a special way the work of technicians. Example of this is the Manesi Series, where the artist pays homage to the deceased etcher Oscar Manesi of whom Gordillo says that “he was a great engraver with whom I learnt everything I know about etching”.

Throughout the exhibition we can take a closer look to prints whose production process range from the most rudimentary screenprint or lithographic techniques of the 70’s to the latest computerized process such as Archipiélago Set, formed by 12 prints commissioned by Caja Negra. On them it is worth enlightening the computerized process to create variations, speeding up the process from the images’ creation to its printing. This set of 12 prints, on which the artist uses up to 20 color layers on each print, reflects the experimentation and research that Luis Gordillo does on color and form.

The exhibition, presented by Calcografía Nacional, can be seen from December 21st to March 10th of 2013 at the Real Academia de las Bellas Artes de San Fernando (Calle Alcalá 13, Madrid).

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