When we attend to an exhibition either in a museum or an art gallery, we can see, besides the traditional art techniques such as oil painting, gouache or watercolour painting, another form of pictorical expression known as fine art printmaking.

Fine art printmaking is a generic term that embraces a different set of techniques developed over centuries, from the traditional woodcuts to the most modern ones such as offset printing. All of them are born of the same idea, transferring the image created by the artist on a form, which may well be a plate made of metal, wood or stone or a roller, to a support, usually paper or fabric.

A fine art print is considered as such, if it meets certain requirements; it must be the artist's creation, who must work directly on the plate, the edition should be limited and the plates have to be destroyed at the end of the process, since this ensures the uniqueness of each of the copies. It is also important that the works are numbered and signed by the artist or include any mark or stamp the author's own.

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