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Eduardo Arroyo

Painter, sculptor and engraver distinguished in the "new figurative" style and also linked to the pop art style. He gained great prominence in the 80s and his works can be currently found in the most relevant Spanish museums.

He was born in Madrid in 1937. After graduating in Journalism in 1957, he decided to move to Paris to develop the first of their vocations, writing. During the 60s decade, he works on a visual language, influenced by American pop art, through flat colors and symbolism drawn from advertising and the media. Among the themes of these years we can often find a representation of dictators like Franco, Hitler or Mussolini. These contents were presented at the Third Biennial of Paris, with the consequent protest of the Spanish government. Shortly after he fled to France pursued by police after preparing a sample in the Biosca Gallery at Madrid.

Arroyo demystifies some of the great avant-garde as Marcel Duchamp as he thought that the devotion existing to them was imposed by fashion. Another of his frequent themes is the ridicule of Spanish stereotypes seen through a surreal perspective.

In 1974 he was expelled from Spain and he wouldn't return until two years after Franco's death. During the '80s his critical discourse reaches its ultimate fulfillment and in 1982 he was awarded the National Prize of Plastic Arts and helds a retrospective at the National Library in Madrid and at the Pompidou Center in Paris.

Eduardo Arroyo is an artist of great relevance in the Spanish art scene, and specifically in the neo-figurativism, who sees the arts as one and, given his multifaceted nature, is capable of creating works that touch on several genres, such film, theater and literature.

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