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Gary Baseman

Multifaced Gary Baseman was born in Los Angeles, California in 1960. At this point in his career, the successes he collects are countless. This artist, designer and illustrator is recognizable by many for being the artistic creator of the Cranium board game, but also for winning three Emmys for his work in the animated series "Teacher's pet", produced by ABC / Disney.

Baseman studied at the University of Los Angeles UCLA, graduating Cum Laude as a member of the Phi Betta Kappa Society and is a celebrity on the art scene of his hometown. Along with other artists such as Camille Rose Garcia, Mark Ryden or Tim Biskup, he is the most recognizable face of the movement that himself coined as "Pervasive Art", an alternative term to the so-called "lowbrow art", whose goal is to delete the lines that separate the Fine arts from the most commercial art.

Gary Baseman's work stands by its contradictory appearance: childish characters are shown next to demons or naked women in scenes with clear religious references as disparate as biblical passages, Mexican Day of the Dead or classical mythology.

Baseman's eagerness to blur the barriers that label and separate the "high art” from the "low art", make it possible to find his works at the most reputable worldwide galleries but that at the same time, we can buy books, clothes, accessories or toys destined to a wider audience.

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