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Icy and Sot

Icy and Sot are a duo of artists from Tabriz, Iran. These two brothers, born in 1985 and 1991 are today one of the most important emerging figures in the urban art scene.

Icy and Sot work primarily with the stencil. Self-taught since their beginnings inception, they started their art career creating stickers and posters for some bands from their native city. At that time they did not even know that what they were doing already had a name in the West.

Given the situation in their country where youth lacks of entertainment options, many of the young people know the world around them spending time on the internet, although it is heavily censored by the Iranian authorities. The urban culture scene in Iran is mainly present in the big cities of Tehran and Tabriz and yet it is not very wide. Artists are persecuted by the authorities and accused of crimes such as Satanism or political activity.

The first time this duo was exhibited their works was in the House of Arts in Tehran and the show lasted only one day,  since it was closed by the authorities the next day of the opening.

So Icy and Sot are artists with luck. The currently reside in Brooklyn, in the United States and there have their workshop. Their artworks can be found throughout the country, because in 2012 they went on tour with a band and took advantage of this nomadic situation to spread their work around the murals of the US main cities.

According to the artists themselves, the whole street art, to a greater or lesser extent, has a political component. In their case, artworks are inspired by their own experiences which obviously have a lot to do with how politics work in their native country. That is why social issues such as human rights, freedom of expression, war or peace are recurrent in his work.

We can see in their works influences of other artists who also work with the stencil as Blek Le Rat, Banksy or Nick Walker but their creations have their own identity and achieved an unmistakable style.

They have held exhibitions in major cities around the world such as Rome, Milan, Berlin, London, Los Angeles, New York, Amsterdam, Rio de Janeiro and Paris, to name a few.

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