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Javier Calleja

This Spanish artist, born in Malaga in 1971, has a long career on his back. Almost 30 years creating that settled him as the sought after artist he is today in 2017.

After many exhibitions in his native country, Europe or US, showing his works in museums galleries and art fairs around the globe, the greater success came from Aisho Nanzuka Gallery in Hong Kong in 2017. “Hi” was how he entitled this solo exhibition and a presentation that was really well received by the Asian public. So well received that Calleja sold every artwork presented there and even got a waiting list of collectors to purchase his future work. A year after, the story repeats itself and the same huge success happens in Tokyo also with Aisho Nanzuka. And that was just the beginning.

Even he is easily tagged by many who say Calleja’s figures are inspired in anime or kawaii, that’s something that is not. Calleja claims his Mediterranean roots, the ones that got him painting as a kid inspired by Spanish cartoon artist Francisco Ibañez.

His art is based in portraits of disproportionated figures of big eyes and always using bright colors with minimal but solid strokes. Acid sentences are also a must that twist the images’ naive intention and definitely gives a second thought.

Even though his early works were created in a smaller scale, his current works are developed in large canvases and a few meters tall sculptures. Following his curiosity about different medias and techniques, Javier Calleja proves he is a tough working multidisciplinary artist. His studio, located where he was born, is much bigger today and has the best staff to help the artist fulfill this huge new projects.

Javier Calleja just can’t stop now. His schedule is filled with new projects, editions, exhibitions and collaborations. No wonder he will give us, at least, another 30 years of career.

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