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Katrin Fridriks

This Icelandic artist represents the vanguard of conceptual art and abstract expressionism of today. Katrin Fridriks, who was born in 1974 in Reykjavík and currently lives between Luxembourg and Paris.

The work of Fridriks is stands for its amorphous forms, composed by strokes or splashes that seem to float weightless. She adds textures through materials with which the artist explores the three dimensions. Regarding color, Katrin Fridriks uses it in different ways to create his works, some are loaded with vibrant tones, while others only consist of black and white.

Her work approaches natural processes and chemical reactions in which particles or fluids seem to be frozen. The viewer, however, captures movement, continuity, space and time, giving new perspectives and a new dimension to the concept of abstraction.

Undoubtedly, the incredible landscapes of her native Iceland are a great influence for Fridriks, who never represents scenarios as such, but the force of nature from the island is so present.

Well-known are the large-scale canvases that Katrin Fridriks has created for multiple institutions, but her work is also reflected in installations that play with sculpture and architecture. Examples of this evolution were shown for the first time in 2014 for her solo exhibition "Stendhal Syndrome" at the Circle Culture Gallery in Berlin and later in 2015 at the Venice Biennale.

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