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This French born in Toulouse is an urban artist that got involved with the urban culture of graffiti in the 80s, a time when there were only a few artists painting in the streets.

The artist's work is characterized by the use of of classic bubble graffiti tagging that he accumulates to build an image. With his work, Tilt shows his weakness for the most authentic urban art and his fetishism for the most primitive graffiti typography through which he has trained himself as an artist.

His arts education begins in the streets, painting murals and train wagons. Through his travels around the world, Tilt can boast a great cultural knowledge that he incorporates into his work. In fact, it was during a two-year stay in New York that he found his trade mark that makes this artist has a unique style.

He is devoted to street graffiti and through his work Tilt explores how the context can affect this style. In 2012 he made one of his most significant works for Au vieux panier hotel in Marseille, designing one of its rooms. Decorating half of the room with many tags and graffiti, left the other half of the room in plain white. The divergence of chaos in contrast with whiteness and simplicity, represents those abandoned spaces, existing in every city, that are usually rejected by the public, that located in another context become intriguing and appealing.

Tilt is also a great passionate for photography, to which he was introduced by having to take pictures of his murals. Since urban artworks usually have a very limited life time, it is very common that the artists take pictures of their creations to preserve them. This is how Tilt began to be interested in this discipline and nowadays he has published some books with his photographs such as "PhotoGraffiTiltism" or "Fetish Bubble Girls".

The work of this French artist has been exhibited in galleries all around the world, from Switzerland to Singapore, US, Japan or England.

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