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Talking about Dolk is talking about one of the nowadays most important urban artists. His work, like that of Banksy or Blek le Rat, consists of stencils depicting images charged with satire and social controversy. In fact, there was a time that a rumour pointed that Banksy and Dolk were the same person, given the stylistic similarities between the two. Dolk's response was to create his own version of Banksy's "Puppy Love".

This Norwegian artist born in Oslo in 1979 has to his credit numerous appearances at festivals and exhibitions. His ten year career has allowed him show his works worldwide and we can find Dolk murals in multiple cities like Barcelona, Oslo, London, Bristol, New York, Los Angeles, Berlin and Tokyo.

In 2005 Pictures on Walls put Dolk on the spotlight, precisely with "Puppy love" release. As expected, soon came the controversy because, although the image of the work is different than the original, the composition and colors of it are the same as those used in Banksy's work.

If we were to talk about the first Dolk’s work which made him stand out, we should probably mention "Che". In it, the artist portrays the revolutionary Che Guevara pointing his hands to the t-shirt he is wearing, which shows the iconic image of the communist created by Jim Fitzpatrick (which in turn was based on the photograph taken by Alberto Korda, 1960). Also in 2006, Dolk created another of his major works to that date: "Burger King". The first version represented the Norwegian prince Magnus Haakon with a crown of this fast food restaurant on his head. The second version had Prince Charles as the main character, which emphasized more the meaning of the work.

Since his first participation at the Nuart Festival in Stavanger, Norway in 2006, Dolk has not stopped and beyond his participation in the following editions of this important festival, he has also been present at other major events in addition to his own solo exhibitions.

Dolk’s works are highly pursued by collectors, not only his canvas but also his limited editions. Dolk’s print releases don’t come out quite often and this artist gathers such a high demand that they are instantly sold out.

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