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Chris Levine

This artist, of Canadian origin, based in the United Kingdom, is a conceptual artist and creator of one of the most iconic images of the XXI century Lightness of Being. It is a sensational portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in which we can see the most famous woman in the world in a meditative state. The light and stillness enhance the image of the Queen that evokes the spirituality and innermost humanity of the character.

Chris Levine's work focuses on the handling of light, time and space, elements with which the artist seeks to give his audience an experience rather than considering them as a merely spectator. Although much of his work consists of installations and stagings involving lasers and large supports, it is his photographic portraits that have brought him international recognition.

His 2004 series Equanimity in which he portrayed the Queen from multiple angles and from which came (almost by chance) Lightness of Being, is a turning point in his career. His portfolio includes other portraits featuring renowned British icons such as Kate Moss, Gracie Jones, Naomi Campbell, Paul Smith or Banksy himself. His work Compassion, in which Levine portrayed the Dalai Lama in 2015 was a dream fulfilled: "The practice of meditation is fundamental to my way of life and to my practice as an artist" - Chris Levine.

Levine's work fuses different fields such as fashion, design, music, installation or performance, which has led him to collaborations with different artists such as Antony and the Johnsons, Philip Treacy, Massive Attack or Grace Jones.

Levine studied at the Chelsea School of Art (now Chelsea College of Arts) before obtaining a master's degree in computer graphics at Central Saint Martins. He has exhibited in London, New York, Los Angeles and Milan. His work has sold for six figures on the secondary market.

"I have always sought to create art that brings the viewer to stillness and an expansive meditative state. The more the work can be accessed through the heart and without the need for mental processing, it allows for a deeper sensory experience and something that moves us emotionally and with a positive impact on our physiological state." - Chris Levine.

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