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Invader is the pseudonym used by this renowned urban French artist. He studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris and began to create his works in the streets of the French capital in the late 90 for the same reason that many artists of his time: the difficult access by the artist to galleries and museums. Even though his art is developed in the street, unlike other urban artists, Invader does not use spray or stencil to create his works.

Maybe his fame shot up by taking part in the documentary "Exit Through the Gift Shop", he is also the nephew of the street artist Thierry Guetta, better known as Mr. Brainwash. In this documentary other urban artists also star such as Shepard Fairey (Obey) or Banksy.

His work revolves around a personal project called, like the 80’s videogame, "Space Invaders". This project involves the placement of multiple mosaics depicting spaceships, like the ones shown in that game, on every city in the world. These mosaics are found in certain places, carefully chosen by the artist and silently "invade" the planet, forming together a worldwide art installation.

These mosaics are made up of small ceramic tiles that Invader adheres to the walls. Due to the worldwide success of this artist and his high value in the market, many people have tried to take off these mosaics from their locations and gain profit of them. The artist alerts, the glues used are so strong that to rip off the work from its location it would have to be destroyed.

Although the original idea takes its origin from Taito’s videogame, the artist has created many characters of his own with different colors and shapes. He prefers to work on the street but also complements this activity with exhibitions in galleries and museums. Thanks to his anonymity, (only his small team of collaborators knows about identity) he can enjoy his own shows as another visitor.

Invaders work can be found in various formats. Each mosaic installed has one and only one replica that can be acquired by the private collector. But we can also install our own mosaics with his limited editions of "Invader Kits". These kits are composed of a set of tiles produced in the artist’s studio and are intended for the customer to place the work wherever he or she wants, whether at their homes or as part of the artist’s project, installing more mosaics on the streets. Invader's printed editions are highly appreciated by the collector because there are not many released these editions are too limited for such a high demand.

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