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This British street artist began his foray into fine arts influenced by the popular culture of the 90s. Copyright decided to study photography and video editing at his local city’s university and there he found available materials to use for his fine arts. He discovered then that could transform his own photographs into stencils, and thus began creating his first canvases.

Once his studies were finished, Copyright moved his works to a new medium: the street. Not long after his works would be exhibited in renowned galleries.

The style of this artist is very particular, covering techniques such as the graffiti, typical of the urban art and oil or acrylic, more like traditional fine art. His inspiration comes from such important figures of modern culture as Alfred Hitchcock, Andy Warhol or Banksy. But he also feels a great fascination for the spiritual world and how this affects society and the individual. Thus one can find references to Roman mythology, Christianity and paganism. This concept of spirituality contrasts with an iconography that explores the ideals of a consumer society in which raw beauty, fashion and popular culture.

Copyright has had several exhibitions worldwide, most important ones in London and Tokyo. He has also collaborated commissioned by major companies like Red Bull, Lynx, Harper’s Bazaar and Teen Vogue. He has also worked with other urban artists like Hush, Ben Frost, or Prefab77.

In 2012 he appeared in the BBC show "The Apprentice" with Pure Evil, this caused a huge demanding of works and another reboot of his career.

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